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Take paradise, put up an animal feedlot – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Take paradise, put up an animal feed lot Milwaukee Journal Sentinel The practice of aerosolizing waste into particulate droplets, which may be easily ingested and inhaled, harming human health, seems beyond negligent in an age where the growing reality of the threats of super bugs, antibiotic resistant diseases.

Finding Her Center: An Interview With Solo Travel Author Barbara Weibel of Hole in The Donut (Travel Post)

Barbara Weibel, Author
After years of working 70-80 hours per week at jobs that paid the bills but brought no joy, a serious illness made Barbara Weibel realize she felt like the proverbial “hole in the donut” – solid on the outside but empty on the inside. After recovering her health, she walked away from her successful but unfulfilled career, sold or gave away most of her material possessions, donned a backpack and traveled around the world for six months to pursue the only things that had ever made her happy: travel, photography and writing.

Because Weibel believes that the better we know one another, the less likely we are to want to kill one another, she immerses into the local culture wherever she travels. Four years later she is still on the road, more convinced than ever that we are all more alike than we are different and that travel is one of the most effective tools in the quest for world peace.

**How would you define your travel ‘style’?**

In a word: unstructured. I travel perpetually, returning to the U.S. Once or twice …