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Yahoo NewsAlexandra Jamieson On Real Beauty, Healthy Skin & Food CravingsYahoo NewsAJ: My girlfriends and my mom. My mom was into “natural beauty products” her entire life, and taught me how to buy healthy products that weren’t toxic. My girlfriends are so good at expressing their true style and natural beauty.

How to Grow Bold, Dramatic Eyebrows in 5 Steps (bellasugar)

The following post was written by Britanie Faith, who blogs at Beauty by Britanie and is part of POPSUGAR Select Beauty.

The “must-have” beauty accessory of 2014: bold, dramatic, au naturel eyebrows. Models were rocking wild and intense eyebrows this year at September’s Fashion Week NYC! Brows happen to be one of the most distinctive features that define the face, and we spend a significant amount of time and money trying to get, grow, and maintain them. Many women consider their eyebrows to be their most defining signature facial feature. Strong full eyebrows reflect a youthful appearance, look healthier, and define your eyes and shape your face.

This highly coveted small hair strip above the eyes can be one of the most treasured beauty accessories. One has to only peruse the Internet for a few minutes to see the availability of brow gels, “miracle growth formulas,” waxes, pencils, etc. On the market today. Sadly, many are full of undesirable ingredients, additives, and preservatives. After years of overzealous plucking, I embarked on a journey to “get my brows back” naturally.