Reasons why physicians are choosing TempIR Clinical Infrared Thermometer

Reasons why physicians are choosing TempIR Clinical Infrared ThermometerThe TempIR Clinical Infra-red Thermometer is a quality non-contact temperature gauge, formulated using the most up-to-date ir technologies. It measures temperature by simply measuring the actual infra-red waves produced by way of temporal artery, and it is confirmed to be significantly more accurate in comparison with regular thermometers. TempIR is actually a valuable addition to any kind of home or even workplace, and today doctors just about everywhere are utilising this particular superior quality item. These are just a few of the main reasons why your own health care professional or maybe medical physician could use TempIR to measure your temperature next time you happen to be sick.

Time saving

TempIR offers a rapid, correct measurement every time, and because it’s no contact, the item does not need to be sterilised between uses. Given that it is not a ordinary temperature gauge, you really do not need to shake down all of the mercury in between readings, thus it can be utilised right away for a totally different medical patient. There’s no requirement for a different thermometer for each and every medical patient — the health care practitioner can carry their own thermometer along with them at all times.

Because a health care professional is taking many – or even hundreds — of temps day by day, they can conserve lots of time¬† over the course of the working day by using TempIR.


TempIR never ever comes into connection with your skin. The actual thermometer is placed 3 To 5 centimeters (cms) from the temple, in order that it can pick up the infrared waves emitted via the temporal artery, which flows just beneath the surface of one’s temple. Due to this, the opportunity of cross infection is undoubtedly reduced.

As the thermometer is always with the doctor or maybe health care worker, it is not really touched by many different persons. In any surgery or medical facility where you can find numerous ill individuals, all with different disorders, that’s a key factor.

Significantly less stressful compared with conventional methods of thermometry

With intrusive methods of temp recording, the young, the old and the seriously sick may suffer much more discomfort as well as misery. The patient may possibly wriggle aside, or maybe push away the thermometer, and therefore the procedure may be nerve-racking for the patient as well as the care and attention provider. Given that TempIR is non-contact and non-invasive, it is easy to obtain a temperature reading even though the patient is actually asleep or even unconscious. This will make the procedure quicker, much easier and much less distressing all around.


Temporal artery temperatures has actually been demonstrated to be much more accurate than tympanic or axillary temps measurements. If a youngster or an older person is unwell, getting an exact temperatures reading is an important aid to establishing a diagnosis or suggesting a course from treatment. In fact untrained individuals are able to record a reliable temperatures recording by means of TempIR.

Absolutely no routine maintenance to worry about

The only thing you have to do to your TempIR thermometer is to switch the batteries, and because the temperature gauge has got a 30 second shut down function to help conserve battery life, that does not transpire regularly. 1000s of temps measurements may be taken before the batteries need to be switched, and there is no requirement to replace, repair, sterilise or clean any section of the item.

Health care professionals pretty much everywhere seem to be getting the many benefits of working with TempIR for fast, precise, sanitary temperature recording. This high quality device is quickly becoming a ‘must have’ instrument for the healthcare professional’s trade. Check out TempIR health care products here