Acupuncture- An Alternative Remedy For Anxiety Related Problems

Acupuncture- An Alternative Remedy For Anxiety Related ProblemsAcupuncture is an age-old therapeutic practice which is gaining lots of attention in the entire world, particularly in America. It is currently accepted as a drug-free remedy and method of anxiety relief. Acupuncture treatment method is mainly centered around restoring the balance of the body using sterilized fine needles. This therapeutic method originally started in China over 2000 years ago. The needles are inserted on precise vital points that correspond to a particular internal organ. The gentle insertion of the needle into a vital point is expected to free the flow of body energy or “chi.”. According to Chinese medical philosophy, any obstruction in the flow of chi in the body’s “energy streams” or meridians could an imbalance in the body — causing an illness. The natural flow of chi ensures a person’s general condition of health. Acupuncture aims at balancing the metaphysical aspects of yin and yang by removing blockages in the flow of Chi all through the body system.

Most of the common ailments which people put up with, for example migraines, rheumatic pains, joint pain, lumbar pain, nausea and sinusitis can be effectively cured using acupuncture. Aside from physical illnesses, even psychological issues caused by anxiety and stress can be treated with acupuncture. Proof for this fact could be found in many of the ancient Chinese medical texts. Many psychologists today equate the western medical science with Traditional Chinese treatment method of acupuncture. Both treatment methods do have positive influence on the mental health of the patient and they are considered as equivalent disciplines.

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The true benefits of acupuncture are found in its efficacy as a non-invasive, drug-free method of alleviating several physical ailments. It is also used in combination with traditional Chinese natural herb cures that are perceived to be as powerful as modern pills and medication. The cause of physical illnesses and discomforts could be determined with the use of acupuncture. Acupuncture practitioners make use of human body charts that show the meridians or mediums where inner energy flows to different parts of the body. The conception of circulatory system and neurological system used in Western medicine is identical to these meridian charts which acupuncture specialists use.

Scientific studies are still being made by Western medical practitioners as well as other scientists to determine the effectiveness of this Eastern alternative form of healing. Even if acupuncture currently accepted in numerous parts of the world as an alternative curative method, a few quarters are still skeptical about its long-term effects.

Whilst there are still no medical reports that make the curative claims about acupuncture absolutely undisputable, it is interesting to note the depth of knowledge that the Chinese had on the internal workings of the human system centuries before the formal establishment and practice of Allopathic medicine. Hopefully in the coming future, clinical research workers will be able to approve the acupuncture technique of using needle as an instrument for healing comparable and effective with those that is used in Western medicine in terms of principle and physiology.